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Sending Cool to Employees in Summer
2016-07-18 16:31:00 Source: Author: 【Big Middle Small】 Browse:239 Comment:0

     As summer comes, especially when it’s getting hotter, “sending cool to employees” activity was held by Labor Union on July 7th to guarantee healthy rights and interests of front-line workers as well as to improve their production and life condition. No matter how busy they are, the activity is held once a year.  
     In the early morning of 17th, the team, together with CEO Zhou Zhongchang and chairman of the Labor Union Du Defu, sent watermelons, bottled spring water, mung beans, etc. to Real Estate BU, Construction BU (including Secret Service Project in Sanshandao, Shenya Project, Beiliu Upstairs Project, Fangxinyuan Project, Zhongchang Huading Project, Wenfeng Logistics Park Project, Langhu Project, etc.), Installation BU, Construction Materials BU (2nd factory), Property Company, Environmental Protection Company, Zhongchang Media and so on. When visiting those companies or project site, Zhou always asked the conditions of production and management as well as employees’ life; meanwhile, he asked leaders of those companies and projects to further improve the production safety and life condition of employees, to implement rules for high-temperature service and to stand up for their heathy rights and interests. 

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