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Laizhou Blooming in the Sunset
2016-01-11 11:07:00 Source: Author: 【Big Middle Small】 Browse:136 Comment:0
      On January 10th, 2016, Zhang Baishun and his wife Zhang Xiumin who lived in Laizhou Social Welfare Center was invited to attend the recording site of “Art for People-2016 Spring Festival Party” in Beijing hosted by Chinese Culture Promotion Society, China National Academy of Painting as well as painting and calligraphy channel of China digital television.
      Ever since lived in Laizhou Social Welfare Center in 2013, Zhang Baishun is enthusiastic about preparation and participation in the arts and cultural activities. For example, he established drum band for the elderly with the help of employees, gave drum shows with the elderly frequently, hosted welcome ceremony for nonlocal old man and often paint and write in the calligraphy and painting classroom of Laizhou Social Welfare Center with other old people. His wife Zhang Xiumin and other old people organized a dance troupe for the elderly. They dance in the square of the apartments in summer and do health exercises in the hall in winter. Those old people are approaching seventy years of age but hale and healthy.    
      For the invitation to the large-scale Spring Festival Party of “Art for people” in Great Hall of the People, Zhang Baishun said, “I was in the troops for 23 years when I was young and have been to Great Hall of the People for many times, but I felt more excited and honorable this time as I represented the old people of Laizhou Social Welfare Center!” He told the apartment employees about every detail of this travel very thrillingly. He also said they went to the party on behalf of all the aged lived in Laizhou Social Welfare Center as well as all the aged in Laizhou and he would like to show to the whole nation how happy and colorful their lives are.    
      Zhang Baishun, as a representative of the aged in Laizhou Social Welfare Center, delivered a speech that lasted for 1 minutes and 30 seconds at party, “We write and draw with heart to serve ourselves chicken soup for the soul which also give us confidence to live for as long as 100, 110 and even 120 years old! ” The speech won Zhang a round of the audience as the presenter said, “the old people lived in Laizhou Social Welfare Center has such happy lives that their smiles have influenced all visitors. If old people in China have the same happy life, they will live as long as them too.”
      Laizhou is blooming in the sunset. The happy life Mr. and Mrs. Zhang have is a true sign and the best representative of the old in Laizhou Social Welfare Center and in Laizhou-a longevity town.    

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