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Shunyi Property: Holding Contest of Electricians’ Skills in Maintenance
2015-11-23 16:40:00 Source: Author: 【Big Middle Small】 Browse:158 Comment:0
     To improve professional skill communication between electricians of communities and service, a contest of electricians’ skills was held at Kaijianbaodi Community on Nov. 23th organized by Laizhou Shunyi Property Management Co., Ltd. Jiang Yongping, leader of Labor Union of Zhongchang Group, Wang Xuguang, executive vice president of Real Estate Company and Bian Zhiqiang, vice management of Property Company has attended the contest.
     It is consisted of 2 parts: written examination and practical operation. After the group leader Qu Guoquan announced the beginning of the contest, contestants started competition in 2 groups. They took all questions asked by chief examiners seriously. What written examination reflected are their professional and basic skills while what practical operation reflected is their practical technology. During the contest, contestants showed their high-spirited fighting will and excellent spirituality with standard operation specifications; examiners adhered to justice and equity; everything was well-organized thanks to staff. Complete success was achieved due to joint effort of all parties.
     Examiners made on-site review to contestants’ performance and scored after practical operation was finished. After that, Bian Zhiqiang, vice management of Property Company made conclusive speech.
     Good communication has been established among electricians of communities owned by Shunyi Property Company. They learned more professional skills others and also find own disadvantages, which have stimulated their enthusiasm for skill-learning and will provide more professional service to owners.  

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