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Visiting Fengyuan Pasture
2016-06-06 16:49:00 Source: Author: 【Big Middle Small】 Browse:162 Comment:0
     To enrich spare-time cultural life of owners and to make them completely understand the manufacturing flow of fresh milk, owners paid a visit to Fengyuan Pasture organized by Laizhou Shunyi Property Management Co., Ltd on June 5th. 
     Totally 45 owners have visited the pasture and have seen the whole manufacturing flow of fresh milk. Besides, staff explained issues that should be paid attention to during manufacture. They tried the fresh milk after it’s finished. The whole activity lasted for about 2 hours. Under the direction of property company and Fengyuan Pasture staff, owners queued up to comply with the public order. After visiting, they threwrubbish the trash can consciously, which reflected their good quality. At 6:00 pm, the activity was over and company arranged a bus to drive all owners back to their own communities.  

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