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Painting and Calligraphy Pen Pal Exhibition of “Establishing Harmonious Community”
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     In order to provide a rich spare-time cultural lift for owners and deepen relations between owners and Property Company as well as among owners, Laizhou Shunyi Property Management Co., Ltd., together with neighborhood committee, held a painting and calligraphy exhibition at University for the Elderly, Laizhou Social Welfare Center on May 30th. The activity subject is to establish harmonious community and totally 33 owners of Shunyi property communities attended this activity. Manager of Property Company, Bian Zhiqiang, as well as vice manager, Sun Shouqing, were also present. The activity started at 8:30am. Community owners including old man of over 80 wrote brush calligraphy and painted. One oil painting creator even drew an oil painting of Yunfengmingyuan Community. After finished, all painting and calligraphy work had been showed and owners were free to exchange ideas. Some owners was interviewed by TV Station and said they were satisfied with the exhibition. Finally the property company manager delivered a speech to summarize the activity. By the end of the activity, all participators took photos.              
     Thanks to this activity held by Laizhou Shunyi Property Management Co., Ltd., the property company has a closer relationship with owners; meanwhile, owners can make direct communication with senior leaders and express their own ideas and suggestions to property management, which is a guideline for their future service.
                                                                                                                          Laizhou Shunyi Property Management Co., Ltd.

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