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Gaining Time for Saving Owner’s Life Thanks to the Quick Reaction of Shunyi Property Company
2016-08-20 16:53:00 Source: Author: 【Big Middle Small】 Browse:161 Comment:0
     At about 4:30 pm of August 19th, 2016, the owner of Unit 5 of No. 7 Apartment of Yunfengmingyuan community came to property office and said “a person was lying in the corridor and was suffering severe bleeding in the head”. Electrician Chen Hongxiao and security Man Weiguo rushed to the scene immediately and found a female owner lying on the 1st stair landing unconsciously with bleeding head. Qu Yanan, the community director, called her family; Chen Hongxiao stayed on site to keep observing her condition while Man Weiguo dialed 120. Chen and Man also assisted ambulance men to get the owner in the emergency ambulance, which gained precious time for saving her life.
     The community director contacted her family afterwards to check her condition and felt relived after being told the injured owner was out of danger thanks to timely rescue. The other day, her family came and expressed their appreciation for Man and Chen by bringing a silk banner (as an award) and saying “we are happy and secure to have you here”. 
     Qiu Yanan, director of Yunfengmingyuan community, Chen Hongxiao, electrician and Man Weiguo, security, who rescued the injured owner timely, has won public’s praise and established good image for property company, are good examples for employees to learn .

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