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Announcement of Awards of the 1st Photography Competition for Employees of Zhongchang Group
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      To vigorously improve the enterprise cultural construction, enrich the spiritual and cultural lives of employees and reveal their positive spirituality as well as to create a harmonious environment,Zhongchang Group hosted a photography competition with theme of “common  memory November 20th to December 25th
      Employees actively participated in the activity and provided as many as 144 good pictures. The group invited experts Laizhou Federation of Trade Unions and Laizhou Photographers' Association to be judges who selected 13 pictures including one first prize, 2 second prize, 3 third prize and 7 honorable prize according to the competition requirements and professional of pictures. Those 13 pictures were put on public display and those photographers as well as their departments have been commended in the Annual Congress of Employees.
      The activity has enriched employee’s spare-time life, improved their innovative ability as well as enhanced their photography and aesthetic level. Meanwhile, employees have learned more and have more concern for company. By observing life and experiencing enterprise culture with cameras, they shared colorful life in Zhongchang by recording many touching moments and created good and harmonious environment, which has further improved the deep development of the cultural construction of Zhongchang Group. 
List of prize-winning works:     

No. Prizes Name Photographer BU and department Remarks
1 1 First prize Bearing the future Yuan Yilong Headquarter Administrative personnel department  
2 1 Second prize Preoccupation Jiang Lin Installation BU Product Department  
3 2 Summer Sun Xiaojun  Construction BU Long-hu Project Department  
4 1 Third prize Puzzling spring Yuan Yilong Headquarter Administrative Personnel Department  
5 2 Impartial Jiang Lin Installation BU Product Department  
6 3 White hair in sunset Luan Weiwei Changping BU Catering Department  
7 1 Honorable prize (7)

Committed Jiang Lin Installation BU Product Department  
8 2 Wonderful memory Liu Junliang  Construction BU Seven-project Department  
9 3 Stay in drizzle Chen Zhenze  Construction BU Long-hu Project Department  
10 4 Night Yu Songlin Construction BU Long-hu Project Department  
11 5      Searching… Wang Dong Changping BU General Department  
12 6 Harmony Liu Xiaoyan Real Estate BU Management Department  
13 7 Singing for life An Ning     Construction Material BU General Department  
Prize-winning works:

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