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New Supporting Model for the Aged of Laizhou Social Welfare Center-“Migrant”
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      With improvement of resident income and their consumption ideas, more and more old people would like to take holidays where the climate is fairly mild in winter and rather cool in summer. Therefore, “migrant” supporting model for the aged has been preferred by the old people in China. Laizhou Social Welfare Center which belongs to Zhongchang Group, based on the climatic features of coastal city, has introduced this new model by combining provision for the aged with holidays, which is highly welcomed by middle-aged and elderly local people.
      “Migrant” supporting model for the aged, also called supporting the aged in different areas, refers to middle-aged and elderly people leave where they live, stay in southern China in winter and in northern China while in summer like migrants. It’s mainly in the way of family reunion or sojourn. 
      Laizhou Social Welfare Center constructed by Shandong Zhongchang Group is a modern nursing-type pension service agency that provides medical care, recovery, the aged care and so on. People here can enjoy not only convenient medical care and pension service but also one-stop “migrant” service for the aged in different locations all over China. The center is much welcomed by the elderly of different cities because of its colorful activities, healthy concept, careful and professional service as well as unique model.   
      Ever since the project of “migrant support” has been introduced, it has been favored by many nursing institution for the aged nationwide including Beijing nonlocal Nursing Troupe of Sweet Setting Sun which has accommodated in Laizhou Social Welfare Center for many times and  forged profound friendship with the elderly and employees here. Wang Shulan of the troupe said, “with better living conditions, seniors can go out to see the world and enjoy a different life instead of staying at home”. Many citizens said in the interview that they’d like to let their parents go out provided in good economic and health condition. 
      Since Zhongchang Group has been dedicated in exploring new supporting model for the aged, the “migrant” model is integrated with health management, travel and leisure as well as entertainment by advocating enjoying life happily and healthily while travelling. Different traditional home-, community- and institution-based care for the aged, this new mobile model for pension has broken traditional inherent mode and realized real “supporting the aged in different locations” by interacting with many nursing institutions for the aged nationwide. The introduction of “migrant” is another upgrading of Zhongchang Group for the traditional supporting service for the aged.     
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