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Winning Laizhou’s First “National Quality Project Award”
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       It is known China Association of Construction Enterprise Management (CACEM) that the winner list of 2013 national quality project award has been published. Laizhou People’s Hospital constructed by Shandong Zhongchang Development and Construction Group Co., Ltd. has the honor to be the first to win this prize in Laizhou.
      It is known that national quality project award is the only national-level award and also the earliest as well as the highest award in the project construction in China. The award covers a wide range petroleum, petrifaction, construction, railway, highway, chemical engineering, communication, metallurgy, electric power and other engineering construction fields with its eva luation contents the project approval to the completion acceptance. The national quality project award is published annually in order to establish the idea of Scientific Outlook on Development and the quality consciousness of “quality comes first” in the engineering field as well as to improve the quality of the project management level with scientific and technological innovation. Started in 1981, all projects that won national quality project award are high-quality.
      The gross building area of the new buildings of Laizhou People’s Hospital is 0.12 million square meters with the maximum length of 206 meters and the maximum width of 145 meters, consisted of the outpatient building, the medical technology building, the inpatient building and the energy center. The project won the first prize for national excellent project survey and design of Yantai and the excellence award for Shandong high quality engineering survey and design. Completed on August 27th, 2011 with one-time check and acceptance, the project has won the prize for Shandong construction safety civilized demonstration sites, national AAA grade safe site with integrity, new technology application demonstration project in construction industry of Shandong Province, Yantai high quality structure, quality project award of Yantai, “Mountain Tai” cup of construction quality of Shandong successively. QC performance- Quality Control of Pumping Concrete Floor Cracks -won the first prize of Yantai excellent achievements. QC team won the title of excellent provincial management team while the concrete team won the title of quality trustworthy team in construction industry of Shandong. 
      The national quality project award won by the project of new buildings of Laizhou People’s hospital stands out as a notable landmark. As the only national quality project of 2013 in Yantai as well as the only one gained by country-level ever since the establishment of Yantai, it has filed a gap and has played an important role in the improvement of the overall quality of construction.

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