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Shandong Zhongchang Development and Construction Group Co., Ltd.
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Recruiting Positions of Shandong Zhongchang Development and Construction Group Co., Ltd. are as follows:

Dept. Positions Recruit number Recruitment Conditions
President Office of Group Secretary 1 1 Education and major: Bachelor's degree or above; secretary or other corresponding major;
2 Work experience: Priority admission of applicants with over 3 years’ experience in secretary or office;
3 Male only under 40 with good appearance, quick response and strong ability in communication and coordination;
4 Position descriptions: the applicant should love paper work with work experience in writing and editing, basic knowledge of document writing and ability in communication and coordination. He is responsible for drawing up all kinds of materials including materials submitted, meeting minutes and summary as well as research reports. Also he should keep updated with changes in related laws and regulations. 
5 Salary: negotiable
6 Work place: Laizhou, Yantai

Tel: 0535-2290281
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