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Laizhou Jindu New Construction Building Co., Ltd.
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Recruiting Positions of Laizhou Jindu New Construction Building Co., Ltd. is as follows:

Dept. Positions Recruit number Recruitment Conditions
No. 1 factory of construction materials  Technician 2 1 Education background and major: full-time normal colleges and universities or higher; related major of materials engineering;
2 Work experience: graduates of current year or previous years with priority admission of applicants  with work experience; 
3 Males only with good communication ability;
4 Salary: negotiable;
5 Work place: Laizhou, Yantai;
6 Position responsibilities: with matching major and solid foundation that allows himself to apply knowledge for practical work and also with strong sense of responsibility and learning ability;
7 Position requirements: he can guide the manufacturing process, check and accept materials individually.

Tel: 0535-2299078
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