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Established in February, 2007 and located in No. 1507 Chenggang Road, Laizhou, Shandong Zhongchang Real Estate Co., Ltd., is subordinated to Shandong Zhongchang Development and Construction Group Co., Ltd. With registered capital of 30 million yuan and Grade B qualification in real estate development, it is one of the most powerful real estate development enterprises in Laizhou and is mainly engaged in real estate development and management.    

Thanks to the rich experience in real estate development gained from its management for decades, it has successfully developed many famous commercial and residential districts, such as Kaijian Community, Jinduhuayuan, Jindu Building, Xianghemingyuan, Yunfengmingyuan, D district of Yunfengmingyuan, Mingyuan west district, Taiheyuan, Kangxinyuan, Kaijian Baodi, Zhongchang Building, Yunfenghuayuan, Jindijiayuan, Wenjinyuan, as well as Fuxinhuayuan low-rent housing and economically affordable housing developed and constructed together with Laizhou Housing Security Center. Projects under construction include Zhongchang Fangxinyuan and Zhongchang Huadinggongguan. Its annual development area is 0.4 million square meters and the total development area is as big as over 2 million square meters.      

In 2012, the company set foot on tourism real estate project -located in southeast of Laizhou city-with the total planning area of 8362mu(i.e. 5.57 million square meters) and the area circled in red line of about 4204mu (i.e. 2.80 million square meters). The project is aimed at building an all-round national-level agricultural tourism demonstration plot for food, accommodation, relaxation, recreation and picking with strong pastoral scenery and cultural atmosphere.      

      Since its establishment, the company, started with strengthening quality consciousness, has implemented effective quality guarantee measures by following “To survive on quality, to develop on honesty” for owners to live with satisfaction and assurance. It has been widely praised by all sectors of society owing to its humanization design, humane management and novel construction ideas. The company has won many honors and titles such as “Advanced unit” of Shandong real estate development comprehensive benefits, “Constructor of Satisfying and Reliable Houses” of Yantai, “Satisfying Unit by the consumers” of Yantai, “Excellent Real Estate Development Enterprise” of Yantai, “Top 30 Enterprises with Comprehensive Strength in Real Estate Industry” of Yantai and “AAA Enterprise of Real Estate Development Enterprise”. It is among the first ones to pass ISO9001: 2000 QMSC.


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