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Established upon permission of Laizhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Laizhou Jindu New Building Materials Co., Ltd. has possessed registered capital of 10 million yuan in its business license. A production line of autoclaved aerated concrete block started construction in August, 2003 and has been formally put into operation since 2004 with an annual output of 0.3 million cubic meters. Its headquarter and the first factory is located in the west of Yutai Road, economic and technological development zone of Laizhou and its second factory is in Laizhou Jiaojia Gold Mine which endows it with good convenient geographical location and transport. The company covers an area of about 78 mu(i.e. 54 thousand square meters) and has employees of 98.    

Its main products include B06 Fly-ash aerated B05 & B06  sand aerated concrete block and B05 sand aerated wall panels and its production line was designed by Changzhou Building Materials Research Institution of China Building Materials Research Institution under guidance of professors & experts in Tongji University. Thanks to the high quality of products and good enterprise reputation, its products are extremely popular in Laizhou with market share of 95 percent. “Jindu” autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) block is a new wall panel which is consisted of fly ash and flotation ore of power plant as well as right amount of lime, gypsum, cement, aluminite powder, foam stabilizer and other materials which are stirred together according to scientific ratio and electronic weighing. Then after pouring molding, static stop stripping, full auto mechanical cutting, high pressure autoclave curing, it is out of the kettle and packed. It is deeply welcomed owing to its advantages of light weight, self-insulation, sound- and thermal-insulation, water proof, earthquake proof, environmental protection and easy to be constructed. In 2003, it won the title of National Green Products.        

The company has been consistently insisted on the national policy of establishing environment friendly and resource-conserving society. By pursuing the management idea of sincere service, quality-oriented low-carbon industry and harmonious relationship between human and nature, the company keeps increasing product variety, building brands, expanding sales network and improving service system to provide the best product and service to users. Let’s work together to embrace a better tomorrow      


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