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Established in December, 2005 and put into production in May, 2006, Laizhou Xinxing Cement Co., Ltd., which is subordinate to Building Material BU of Shandong Zhongchang Development and Construction Co., Ltd., is located in the west of 206 National Highway, Laizhou economic and technological development zone with an area of more than 60mu (i.e. 40,000 square meters). After constant improvement in technical formula and hardworking, the company has possessed fixed assets of over 20 million yuan with employees of 60.    

Laizhou Xinxing Cement Co., Ltd has passed ISO9001:2008 QMSC and is an advanced unit of quality comparison and inspection of cement eva luated by Shandong Building Material Association. Also it’s an environment friendly company which has gained comprehensive utilization of resources certificate and is production safety standardization Grade C enterprise of Yantai. Besides, it has passed examination and acceptance check in the clean production as well as Shandong environmental protection system organized by Shandong Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology. The company has been awarded as “advanced unit with safety production” by Laizhou government in successive years.   

Thanks to its good location, the company is endowed with very convenient transportation. It is equipped with one mill (specs: Φ3 x11m) which production capacity is 0.6 million tons annually and the main product is cements P.O42.5R and P.C32.5R. Indicator made by factory which is higher than national standard GB175-2007 has been adopted to guide production. Thanks to its advantages of good early strength performance, high rich grade, superior homogeneity, nice color, excellent stability, appropriate coagulation time and stable quality, it uses less cement compared to unilateral concrete, which has saved construction cost and become the optimal choice for high-grade concrete mixing. Besides, it has enjoyed high social reputation and popularity from customers owing to its reasonable production layout, modern technical equipment, computer-controlled batching, environmental compliance and good quality. Good raw materials, advanced technology and equipment has been employed and 9 sets of bag type dust collector has been equipped to the whole production line in order to make environmental protection index such as dust emission to meet world standard, which has reduced the pollution of industrial waste gas to environment and played positive role in the adjustment of local cement bodies and economic construction. Its main equipment is under control of distributed computer monitor-control system-a set of advanced domestic control system-which has accomplished a whole-process monitor from the incoming of raw materials to factory delivery of cement.             

The company regards product quality as its life and customer as God. Currently, its PO42.5R has been applied to 5 local companies of commodity ready-mixed concrete and can be found in many big and key projects in Laizhou, which has contributed its share to Laizhou urbanization construction. In addition, technology improvement and innovation has been strongly supported to decrease production cost and benefit customers. It also attaches great importance to energy-saving and cost-reducing by taking all measures to bring down energy consumption, consequently laying foundation for its future sustainable development.    

After years of efforts, the company has achieved remarkable performance and gained government acceptance and social recognition. Xinxing Cement would like to move forward with sectors of society to create a brilliant tomorrow together! 


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